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Pronunciation Guide: On pronouncing the terms here, which come from Bisaya and Tagalog languages, always keep in mind the following:
“A” is always pronounced like the “a” in “water”.
“I” is interchangeable with “E”, and thus pronounced like the “ee” in “reed”.
“O” is pronounced like the vowel sound in “thought”.
“U” is pronounced like the vowel sound in “boot”.
All vowels are pronounced, none are said together. “Daongan” is pronounced as “Da-ong-an”

Important Terms

The Seventh Moon Era: This is the modern day. Eras are split into three: Sun, characterized by progress and peace, Moon, characterized by upheaval and change, and Star, characterized by darkness, danger, and violence. There has always been a Star Era. And thus it will always be.


Arc 1: What Else Can We Do But Sell Ourselves?

Arc 2: Destiny Has Long Passed Us

Arc 3: The Blood Is Always Red, No Matter The Circumstances Of Our Birth

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